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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

QuickBooks 2010................

QuickBooks 2010 also helps small business owners gain valuable insights into how their business is performing so that they can make better decisions and increase profitability. New features to help customers improve their bottom line include:

Company Snapshot: QuickBooks users can now create a customized report to display on their computer screen, getting an immediate view of their company’s bottom line. Previously, the Company Snapshot was a static view that could not be personalized. Users can choose from several reports, including new ones for yearly expenses and income comparisons, detailed expense and income breakdowns, and a top customer list. Plus, the reports can be changed instantly.

Report Center: This radically re-designed report center gives users access to more than 100 reports and makes it easier to find the right report in order to make better business decisions. Different views make it easier to navigate quickly between reports. These include a carousel view to flip through the reports, a list view to see all reports at once, and a ‘favorites’ view to keep track of frequently used reports. A new search feature helps users find the report with the specific information they want.

“The new Company Snapshot gives you great information at the click of a button,” said Debbie Kirkland, president of Kirkland Services in Christmas Valley, Ore. “This is a great place to go to pinpoint problem areas or to just determine your strengths and weaknesses within your company.”

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