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Monday, January 4, 2010

Objectives of Trial Balance

  1. To check arithmetical accuracy: Trial balance helps ot check the arithmetical accuracy. If the debit total of trial balance is equal to credit total, it proves that books of accounts are arithmetically accurate. However, disagreement of trial balance narrates us that there are some errors in the books of accounts.
  2. To detect the errors: Disagreement of trial balance simply indicates that there are some acounting errors that must be detected and rectified before final accounts are perpared. Trial balance helps to detect some errors like woring totaling and balancing of ledger accounts, wrong side and amount posting, posting of wrong balance in trial balance etc. However, it is required to note that all the errors are not revealed or disclosed by trial balance.
  3. To server as base for the preparation of final accounts: Final accounts are prepared on the basis of trial balance. A corect trial balance assures us to prepare the true final accounts. A trial balance itself is a summary of ledger balance where all the balances of all ledger accounts are available at one place. It facilitates the accountants to prepare final accounts.

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