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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Want To Learn Fact Accounting

User Guide
Key Features
FACT Accounting for Windows provides you a huge number of facilities to make Data Entry and Analysis easier than ever.

Online Update
No Validation Routine needs to be run. No Update required. Nor do you need to do Postings manually. Validations are carried ........................

No Duplicate Entries
There are no duplications at all. When you enter.....................

Real-time Computing Power
FACT Accounting for Windows brings to you Real Time Computing Power. You can print all your Source Documents (like, Vouchers, Purchase ....................
Great Speed
FACT Accounting for Windows is the fastest .....................
FACT Accounting for Windows allows you to transact in any...................

The Reports answer all your accounting needs, and more. Virtually all the ....
24-Month Accounting Period
This allows you the flexibility of carrying on with the next year's work ....


The Security of Data, Financial or otherwise, has always been a matter of concern. Most businesses depend on the confidentiality of information. Tally Vault is an enhanced security system which allows for encryption of the company data with the most secure method of encryption being used. Tally Vault ensures that under no circumstances, the original information is available in any form. The technique could be likened to "encryption-decryption-on-the-fly", and the decrypted form of data is never stored in the system. Apart from this, it uses the "non-stored password" mechanism. By using highly advanced mechanisms to validate a new user without any prior knowledge of the original password. The combination of these facilities means, that Tally Vault becomes one of the most secure means of information storage.

Introduction of bottom bar:
Ø Wave Browser
Ø Select Company F1
Ø Short company
Ø Date F2
Ø Period Alt + F1

Creation of Company:
Ø Click on company info from bottom bar
Ø Click on account info
Ø Select Company Creation &
Ø Click on it.
Ø Then appear a company creation dialog box
Ø Fill the form as your require
Ø Type the name of the company
Ø Malign name of the company
Ø Email address of the company

Ø Inv, only
Ø A/C with Inv
Ø A/C only
Ø Financial year from
Ø Book begging from
Ø Tally password
Ø Base currency symbol
Ø Decimal places
While finished filling the box at last accept it by pressing enter key.

Use of calculator:
Ø To use calculator Ctrl + N
Ø To return from calculator Ctrl + M

Altering of company:
(To modify or delete company)
Ø From Tally dialog box click on alter
Ø A company list will appear
Ø Choose the company & highlight it which you want to alter
Ø Then press enter your selected company form will appear delete or modify the company's data as your require

Shutting of company:
(To hide unnecessary company from selected company list)
Ø From company info
Ø Choose shut company &
Ø Click on it
Ø Highlight the company which you want to shut &
Ø Click on enter
Ø Your Chosen Company will hide (shut) from list.

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