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Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Want To Learn FACT Accounting"

User Guide

Key Features
FACT Accounting for Windows provides you a huge number of facilities to make Data Entry and Analysis easier than ever.

Online Update
No Validation Routine needs to be run. No Update required. Nor do you need to do Postings manually. Validations are carried out at the time of data entry itself. And, all Updates and Postings are carried out instantaneously as soon as you enter the Document.

No Duplicate Entries
There are no duplications at all. When you enter a Sale invoice, the Accounts Receivable, Inventory and General Ledger are all, automatically, updated, right through to the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

Real-time Computing Power
FACT Accounting for Windows brings to you Real Time Computing Power. You can print all your Source Documents (like, Vouchers, Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, Invoices, Receipts, to name a few) online. Your Accounts will never be backlogged now.

Great Speed
FACT Accounting for Windows is the fastest Online and integrated Business Accounting Software of its class available currently – both at the data entry as well as at the Report level.

FACT Accounting for Windows allows you to transact in any Currency that you wish. All Foreign Currency transactions are posted in the Home Currency as well. Exchange Gain/Loss is computed at the time of the entry, and automatically posted to the General Ledger without any extra work.

The Reports answer all your accounting needs, and more. Virtually all the Reports are available on screen and on printer. Reports are available in both Graphics and Text modes.

24-Month Accounting Period
This allows you the flexibility of carrying on with the next year's work uninterrupted till you run the automatic ‘Year End’ process. All the data for the 24 months are kept live.

History of Transactions
You may make query on any transaction (Vouchers, Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, Invoices, Receipts, Debit Notes etc.) on Screen or on Printer for the transactions of the entire year. It will show you all the relevant information.

You may consolidate the Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheets of your subsidiaries and, joint Venture and group Companies, based on the percentage of equity holding and conversion of the Foreign Currency to Home Currency.

Multi-User Version Document Class
You may classify each document with a Document Class. The Document Class may be used to classify Vouchers, Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, Invoices, and Receipts for the different Cost Centers, Divisions, Departments, or Employees in your Company. This helps in reporting.

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