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Saturday, May 1, 2010


The non-trading fixed assets of a business like land, building, machinery, furniture etc. may be get depreciated in value due to various reasons. In other words, the value of such assets reduces each year due to use. Such gradual ad permanent reduction in the value of the assets due to wear and tear or from any other causes is called Depreciation. The word depreciation is derived from a Latin work 'Depretium' which is composed of two words 'De' and 'Pretium', where 'De' denotes decrease and 'Pretium' denotes price. Thus, the word depreciation means decrease in the price. It indicates a fail in the value of an asset which is a loss or an expense for a business and shown in the debit side of profit and loss account. It must be deducted from the respective assets in the balance sheet.

According to J.R. Batliboi,"Depreciation means permanent decline in the value of assets due to wear and tear or from any other cause."

According to R.G. Williams,"Depreciation may be dfined as a gradual deterioration in value of assets due to use."

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