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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Factors affecting the amount of Depreciation

a) Original cost of the assets: Original cost includes the purchase price of the asset plus freight and installation expenses. Depreciation is charged on cost of asset so, it is found as:

Cost of Asset = Purchase price + Freight (Transportation expenses) + Installation (erection) expenses

b) Estimated working life of the asset: All the fixed assets have their working life which can be estimated but not predetermined. After this period, the assets will be worthless or scrap. The working life of asset plays vital role in the determination of depreciable amount.

c) Scrap value: Scrap value is also called as salvage or residual or terminal value which means to the value that will be realized by selling the asset after the expiry of the estimated working life. Such amount must be deducted in cost of assets in the calculation of depreciation.

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