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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CODA 2go

CODA – a once traditional accounting software house – has demonstrated a top ten aged debtor list on a Blackberry, using its CODA 2go SAAS product offering, which it launched six months ago.

CODA 2go is targeting the Saleforce customer base of 1.2 million users.
“We began looking at the cloud market two years ago as we saw a delivery method that was on the uptake and one that could give us inroads into markets that traditionally couldn’t afford CODA’s high-end solutions,” says Jeremy Roche, chief executive of CODA Group.

“When we looked at building our own SAAS platform, the investment we would have had to make to scale and provide security and up-time and everything else, would have been enormous.

“By going with, we were taking advantage of the investment that had already made, which let us concentrate on building the cloud version of CODA 2go.” CODA 2go costs US$125 per month per user.

Microsoft Dynamics product marketing director Gary Turner says that Microsoft “wants to embrace the best part of classically deployed software, and the internet generation” through its ‘Software Plus’ service – installed enterprise-wide software, but linked to the web.

He points out that Tenon, a large UK accounting firm, already deploys Dynamics accounting products as an outsourced, hosted product accessible over the web.

Turner acknowledges that the UK Dynamics business is “blunted”, but no more so than the rest of the market.

“I don’t expect to see the kind of growth that we experienced in the last 24 months during this year,” he says.

New business deals in the £10,000 to £50,000 bracket are still being signed, he says; businesses are looking for ways to manage customers more efficiently, to control cashflow and improve inventory levels.

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