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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Outlook to Exchequor

Users can also enter data into Exchequor from Outlook, blurring the distinction between accounting software and a user’s everyday mail and calendar package.

Both Access Technology Group and Microsoft have launched a carbon emission dashboard, allowing companies to track carbon emissions using data held within the accounts software they already use.

“We think companies are beginning to take their environmental reporting seriously. We were the first to bring out a carbon emissions tracking system from within an accounts package, and have made the package free,” says Alistair O’Reilly, group managing director for Access Technology Group.

“While new business licence sales have slowed (although bread and butter deals continue to be signed worth £30,000 to £60,000) the demand for consultancy on existing systems is on the increase,” he adds.

“We need to provide features that allow personnel across the business to gain access to financial data, including bespoke reports and business documentation.”

O’Reilly says that Access Technology has added electronic document management, a scheduling module and a web-based professional services
module to its Access Accounting product set.

He says there is also interest in a new leasing scheme, which is offering customers lease rates of 3.5%, less than most leasing companies are able to offer.

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